Hellwig PR is an agency offering individual press relations.

PR consulting and PR concepts

An outside perspective often reveals new aspects you can employ for successful communication with your target groups.

Good PR concepts are creative but based on a clear analysis. They surprise with original ideas, but the measures are consistently derived from the PR strategy. A solid concept with an analysis of the current situation, therefore, forms the basis of the work. Building on that, we work with you to establish communication objectives, draft the messages required for this purpose and define the best approaches. You get a PR strategy that is tailored precisely to your requirements.

We are goal and result-oriented in our work and dedicated to the success of your projects. Originality and reliability, credibility and authenticity are of great importance in our work.

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Press releases and press folders

Media articles attract greater reader attention than, for example, an advertisement. And they are definitely more credible. That is because the text bears the editorial department’s seal of approval.

This means that there are few things more valuable for a medical practice, clinic or medical technology company than a well written press release that is picked up by the media.

Your concrete benefits of press releases:

  • You get into the media you want
  • Newspapers and magazines report about you
  • You become better known to the public
  • People ask specifically for your services or products
  • You gain more patients/customers
  • Your image is improved
  • Existing patients/customers feel their choice is confirmed and stay loyal to your practice or company
  • Your sales increase

However: medicine and medical technology contexts are often complex. This makes a comprehensible and interesting presentation of your offering all the more important if we are to gain the attention of the media and readers. Texts are our passion – researched in detail and written with enthusiasm.

We are also happy to prepare specific and customer-oriented press folders for you, appropriately presenting your practice, clinic, company or medical association.

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A good, informative website has become standard in the meantime. Online PR is increasingly gaining importance in medicine.

The Hellwig PR agency delivers suitable texts for your website – well written and interesting, with concise headings and a clear page structure.

Your concrete benefits of online PR:

  • Optimum information for your target groups
  • Gaining new patients/customers
  • Boosting awareness
  • Patient/customer retention
  • Image improvement
  • Better search engine ranking

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Patient and customer magazines, image brochures, flyers

Patient and customer magazines of high quality improve your image. Keeping patients and customers up to date simultaneously binds them more closely to the practice, clinic or company.

Hellwig PR is an experienced PR agency offering everything from one source: from the concept and layout to the editorial content to printing.

We are also happy to prepare target-group-specific image brochures and flyers so you can present yourself to your best advantage. We draft informative texts that highlight your expertise.

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Individual media distribution list

Knowing the right contacts is the first step towards appearing in the media at all. Hellwig PR has a continuously growing media distribution list that is always kept up to date.

We prepare an individual list for you with all professional journals and consumer magazines that are relevant for your practice, clinic or company. This also includes daily newspapers and online portals as well as radio and television broadcasters. Your individual media distribution list contains complete editorial staff data for unlimited use: title, department, contact person, address, telephone, e-mail.

By request the press releases are sent out directly by Hellwig PR – addressed personally to the responsible editor of the respective publication.

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Press conferences

Press conferences are suitable for substantial topics. Hellwig PR works with you to develop ideas for making your press conference successful in terms of topics, participants, the venue and promotions.

We prepare the complete press folder with texts, background information and a clinic or company profile. Press photos are prepared by us as well. We coordinate the journalist invitation list with our action plan, invite the media, look after the journalists on site and moderate the conference. After the official event, the journalists have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one conversations.

Hellwig PR also looks after telephone contact with the editorial departments after the press conference as well as the evaluation.

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Handling enquiries from editorial departments (press office function)

Hellwig PR will be happy to manage all your press contacts. The media call us with questions about your clinic or company, we research the circumstances and information that are relevant for the media.

We check with you before news is released to the press.

We prepare interesting topics related to your clinic or company and write press releases. As a journalist with more than 20 years of professional experience, Gabriele Hellwig, Managing Director of Hellwig PR, knows what topics are of interest to the media and how they need to be presented in order to achieve publication.

We personally send the press releases to the editors responsible. Exclusive background reports can also be placed repeatedly in the magazines that are relevant to you. Hellwig PR’s good contacts with media representatives make this possible.

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Social Media

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – social media are gaining importance. Fast communication makes it possible to address target groups directly.

Personal contact is established between the company and the respective customers, or between clinics/doctors and their patients. That builds trust and boosts loyalty.

Hellwig PR will gladly advise you on whether social media are recommended in your particular case. We analyse what channels are meaningful for your products or services, and consult with you to develop a suitable social media strategy along with concrete editorial plans for the respective channels.

On request we build your entire social media presence and also take care of user support. We publish corresponding posts and photos, answer questions and respond to enquiries, subject to your approval. Our measures are sure to increase the number of your followers quickly.

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Working with the international press

If you would like to make your products and services better known abroad, gain more customers in Europe or even worldwide, Hellwig PR is able to work with the international press.

In the context of globalization, the number of companies operating abroad is constantly increasing. To make the best impression and have a good chance of survival, good press work is essential.

In international press work it is not sufficient simply to transfer a concept developed for the German market and to translate press releases into the respective national language. Nor does it make sense to send everything from Germany to the media abroad.

Different countries have different customs. Successful international press work functions in different ways: Hellwig PR works together with PR professionals in the countries concerned. These native speakers know the national and regional customs and practices best and all have long-standing, extremely good contacts with journalists.

Agency manager Gabriele Hellwig has built up an international network of highly qualified PR experts and journalists in recent years. We enjoy first class co-operation with numerous countries, especially France, the UK, Italy and Spain. We know all of our international partners personally.

For you as a company or clinic this means that Hellwig PR can manage all your international press work for you. As lead agency we develop - after consultation with you and our PR experts abroad - a suitable multinational concept for you. This is individually tailored to your aims and requirements.

We should be happy to advise you in detail. We look forward to your call!

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