Klinik Fleetinsel in Hamburg

For a total of six years, Hellwig PR was solely responsible for the press work of Klinik Fleetinsel in Hamburg, which has now been sold to ATOS Group in Munich. Hellwig PR realized numerous publications for Klinik Fleetinsel in daily papers, magazines and specialized publications. In addition, Hellwig PR has repeatedly referred the doctors of Klinik Fleetinsel to NDR Television and the radio station NDR info.

Wolfart Klinik

Hellwig PR has been working for the orthopaedics and endoprosthetics department of Wolfart-Klinik for over eight years - with great success. Hellwig PR has achieved numerous publications in recent years. Examples include: Bild der Frau, gesunde Medizin, Geo, Welt Heute, 7 Tage, tina and many more.

gbo Medizintechnik

gbo Medizintechnik would like to make its high tone therapy even better known in the treatment of polyneuropathy, a nerve disease. Hellwig PR comprehensively advised the enterprise in regard to press work and wrote several press releases regarding high tone therapy. Several magazines have taken up the topic editorially.

German Society for Angiology

It is the mission of Hellwig PR to make the topics of the German Society for Angiology better known to the public - both in the trade press and in the general press. Hellwig PR has realised numerous publications for the German Society for Angiology so far. Examples for trade press: Die Ärztezeitung, Management & Krankenhaus, Gefäßmedizin Scan.

German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement

The German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement (Deutsches Institut für Zell- und Gewebeersatz DIZG) in Berlin produces allogeneic tissue transplants primarily for severely burned patients. Hellwig PR supported the DIZG above all with the production of the very extensive annual reports. In addition, Hellwig PR wrote different press releases.

New wound therapy of Hauke Cornelsen

With several publications, the Hellwig PR agency increased awareness of the Hamburg-based wound therapist Hauke Cornelsen’s new wound therapy. We were able to place articles in the following media among others: Frau im Leben, plus Magazin, Das neue Blatt, Das Magazin aus Ihrer Apotheke, Blickpunkt Gesundheit and Wie geht’s.

Park-Klinik Weißensee

Park-Klinik Weißensee in Berlin would like to receive project-related support. An important area, for example, is the gynaecological hospital. In this context, Hellwig PR was able to refer the chief physician of the gynaecological hospital several times as expert to Berlin daily newspapers having a high circulation. Additional requested topics were prominently placed in public media with a photo of the respective expert physician.

LMT Medical Systems GmbH

LMT Medical Systems GmbH, the Lübeck-based medical technology company, manufactures a special incubator for premature babies. The company wanted to reach potential customers through articles in trade journals. Hellwig PR has achieved numerous publications in trade journals for LMT. Examples include: Ärztezeitung, MTD, Radiologie Forum, das Krankenhaus, Health & Care Management, Zeitschrift Frühgeborene and many more. In addition, Hellwig PR wrote all texts for the company’s website.

Elvation Medical GmbH

The medical technology company Elvation Medical GmbH brought a new device to market and wanted its publicity in consumer media. Numerous publications of quality were accessed for the customer by the Hellwig PR agency. Examples include: Plus Magazin, das Magazin aus Ihrer Apotheke, Linda Magazin, Schleswig-Holstein daily newspapers and Bio Magazin.