The market for health is growing. Hellwig PR helps you grow along with it.

Health is the topic of the hour. This is an opportunity for the industry, but one with many challenges. We will get you in the media in the right way. That’s how you can gain the trust of clients, patients and consumers right now.


Customer testimonials

Dr. Michael LichtenbergChief Physician, Clinic for Angiology, Hochsauerland Clinic

“I have been working with Gabriele Hellwig from the Hellwig PR agency for many years. We have gotten very busy through her excellent work, as we are now treating not only regional patients, but also many national ones.”

Julia RummelSenior Marketing Specialist, nal von minden GmbH

“The work of the Hellwig PR agency was a game changer for us. Ms Hellwig was highly successful in supporting us with press relations during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, our rapid tests became very well-known at home and abroad very quickly, allowing us to increase production and expand our customer base. Ms Hellwig’s texts were always written in a very accurate and easily comprehensible manner, and her contacts with the media are so good that numerous media (including high-ranking radio and TV stations) from Germany and abroad have reported on us and our rapid tests.”

Dr. Konrad ScheuererOrthopaedic surgeon and head of the
Endoprosthesis Centre at the Wolfart Clinic in Gräfelfing

“Our very good collaboration with the Hellwig PR agency has been ongoing for over ten years. The articles that Ms. Hellwig got published for me in various media have always aroused great interest. They were very well researched and contained valuable additional information for patients on various topics. The response from patients has been very positive.”

Bernd RossoPersonal trainer from

“I have been working with Gabriele Hellwig’s media and PR agency for some time now. So far, the result of this collaboration is a number of successful publications in print media and on online portals! What I find outstanding is the straightforward professionalism and the goal-oriented way of working at all levels. Hellwig PR stands for competence and efficiency! The result for me is a great gain in attention, and a gain in terms of image and customer approval, in all areas of my activity! I absolutely recommend it!”

Dr. Johannes HolzSports physician and orthopaedist, OrthoCentrum Hamburg

“For me as a sports physician, the collaboration with the Hellwig PR agency was and is a topic of particular interest, because Ms. Hellwig has very good contacts at various sports magazines. Numerous very good articles have already appeared on sports medicine topics and our OrthoCentrum, for example in Tennis Magazin or Handballwoche.”

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